This Week’s Special– El Cubano

This week, we will be serving the El Cubano! For our Cubano we start by house roasting pork tenderloin with garlic, lime zest and cilantro, oh the smells! Then we layer that on a fresh Grand Central hoagie roll, smeared with yellow mustard, ham, swiss, slices of dill pickles and mayo then we grill it to get it all toasty and melty.

With our new winter hours, our Chicken Artichoke Soup fans are in for a treat. We have traditionally served this soup on Thursdays only, now the Chicken Artichoke Soup will be available every Wednesday and Thursday. Hooray! Of course we will have our Clam Chowder on Friday and this weekend you can look forward to our Chicken Tortilla Soup which pairs perfectly with the El Cubano! Order online or give us a call.