Specials July 20th-25th

We will be serving Il Italiano again on Tuesday until we run out. Served cold on Grand Central Bakery’s Rustic white bread with basil parmesan house made mayo, ham, salami, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, Provolone cheese and arugula. We also have El Cubano this week! One of our all-time, best-selling specials the South Store version of this classic is delicious. We marinade pork tenderloin with garlic, cilantro, and lime zest then roast it to perfection. Then it’s layered on a soft crusty roll with yellow mustard, swiss cheese, pickles, and ham.

Soup this week is the Corn Chowder! Lots of corn, potatoes, and green chiles in a creamy broth topped with cheddar cheese. As usual we will have Chicken Artichoke on Thursday and Clam Chowder on Friday.

Come see what goodies our bakers are working on! Lots of fresh local berries to go into our amazing pastries this week. The Patio is open for dining and the front room remodel is coming along! Online ordering is easy and convenient.