Thanksgiving Week Specials

If you are thinking you missed the Meatloaf last week, well think again, it is actually back on the full-time menu. You can have this delicious hot and melty sandwich all season! This week we are also serving the Turkey Cranberry Chutney. Our quintessential Thanksgiving feast on a sandwich! Fresh cut turkey breast, house-made cranberry chutney, roasted sweet potatoes, pickled onions, Havarti cheese, greens, and mayo on Grand Central’s rustic white Como bread.

Since the café will be closed this Thursday, and Friday we decided this would be the perfect week to make our signature Thursday soup, the Chicken Artichoke, all week long. It’s fabulous and we will have it Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday this week.

Indoor seating is now available. Masks are required to enter regardless of your vaccination status. Please keep masks on while you are in line to order and at all times unless you are seated and eating or drinking. Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate state guidelines and try to keep our staff healthy. Online ordering will continue and is easy and convenient as always, call when you arrive and please park in the designated curbside spots in the NE corner of our parking lot.

We are not taking any more special orders or pie orders this week. We are full to capacity, thank you to the lucky ones with orders, we will see you this week! Our bakers will have their full normal spread this week and weekend and some extra special goodies, come check out the pastry case!