Specials for July 26th-31st

We will have our “Smokey the Beef” special this week. This roast beef sandwich is refreshing with a horseradish mayo, smoked Cheddar cheese, pickled onions, tomato, and dressed arugula, all on Grand Central Bakery’s rustic white bread!

We will have a batch of our Minestrone soup on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday it will be our Hungarian Mushroom. Per usual the Chicken Artichoke is available every Thursday and we make Clam Chowder every Friday. All our soups are freshly made from scratch right here at the café!

We started our new July cocktails which we will continue into August. Come check out the “Hot Box”, a bourbon and brandy cocktail, with house-made sage honey syrup, we top it with a little Cherrywood smoke, and cap it with a mason jar lid. Two more After Hours left this year mark your calendars, August 19th and September 16th!   

For a limited time, we have our fresh lavender lattes and lemonade! Our house-made syrup is crafted with locally picked lavender from Mountainside Lavender Farms, located just a mile down from the café.